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Improving the Sexual education for people with intellectual disability. Sexual education for people with intelectual disability
Project funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.
The general objective of SENINLIFE is to exchange good practices among the professionals of the Centers that work with people with intellectual diversity, to share knowledge, resources and tools on Sexual education for people with intellectual and / or functional diversity, which allows to increase the quality of life of this group and their families, thus guaranteeing their active inclusion in society.

The specific objectives of the project are:

- Give voice to the sexual rights of people with intellectual diversity.
- Open the concept of sexuality from a sexological approach; in the plane of sexual identity, sexual affectivity and sexual behavior.
- Exchange knowledge and methodological resources for sexual education adapted to the needs of understanding the different levels of cognitive impairment.
- Support families to see sexuality as an opportunity for life and growth and not as a problem.
- Create a network of resources for people with intellectual diversity, families and professionals.
- Transfer successful experiences to Centers that want to develop sex education.

The Project Association is composed by 5 organizations from five EU Member States: 4 from Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus) and one from Central Europe (Poland). This broad coverage of the EU territory will help to collect, compare and share experiences between different countries that share a need: to develop Sexual education for people with intellectual diversity, in territories with little or no development of this topic of fundamental importance. At the same time, it will help reach a large number of stakeholders, and establish joint working networks at European level.

The partners of the project are:

- San Xerome Emiliani Association (Spain)
- Associazione Pegaso (Italy)
- Associacao de cerebral paralysis of Viseu (Portugal)
- Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Spoldzielni Socjalnych (Poland)
- IMS Research & Development Center (Cyprus)

SEXINLIFE project will let people with diversity, their families and the professionals who work for them, having access to: a Sexual Education Manual for people with diversity that responds to the training needs of all the project countries; a "Bank of experiences" where people with intellectual diversity and their families will tell in first person their experiences related to sexual education; a European Network of Experts on Sexual Education for people with intellectual diversity (families and professionals); a transnational training of trainers course in Italy and a joint transnational training event for people with intellectual diversity from the project countries in Portugal, in which all teaching and methodological tools and resources developed in the project will be tested. 

We recommend individual language versions of information about the project on the project partners' websites

Spain, Asociación San Xerome Emiliani
Poland, Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych
Portugal, Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Viseu
Cyprus,  IMS Research & Development Center