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Circular Economy as a Development Strategy

Circular Economy as a Development Strategy is the project carried out within the framework of Erasmus+. Its aim is the exchange of good practices in terms of effective solutions for the circular economy.

The issue of the circular economy still seems to be an abstract concept, very often imprecise particularly in terms of taking into account people and organizations. It is, however, not only a general theory, but it really affects organizing the society in favour of sustainable development and well-being in the long term in response to particular modern environmental, social, and economic challenges. We can see that natural resources are limited and their usage is influenced by the flow of supply chains (of creating values).

The aims of the project

-        strengthening the exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices in the circular economy,

-        improving knowledge, skills, and abilities connected with the circular economy,

-        increasing the sense of perpetration and social entrepreneurship in the field of the circular economy,

-        providing a free online tool giving guidelines, support and counselling on education about the circular economy,

-        strengthening language, digital, and cross-cultural competence,

-        supporting the strategic cooperation at the international level;

Duration time of the project: Project activities started in September 2019, and they will be finished in December 2021.