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Social Energy (Energia Społeczna)

The project Social Energy (Energia Społeczna) – The Network of Social Enterprises preparing new models of services in the field of public utilities is implemented by the Association for Social Cooperatives in cooperation with the All-Polish Supervisory Union of Social Cooperatives within the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development. The inclusive sum of the project subsidy equals 6 416 803,80 zlotys.

About the project

Within the project, new solutions for the development in the support system for social economy entities will be developed and implemented through creating 5 models of social enterprises to provide services for people facing social exclusion. 

We are planning to engage in the project local communities, local government units, and the Social Economy Support Centre (OWES).

The project aims to create:

-        4 models of social service enterprises making the so-called bunch of social services intended for the disabled and dependents, as well as people in their 60s and their families,

-        1 model of a social enterprise dealing with public utilities in the field of local development;

During the project, 5 textbooks describing extensively foundations and the implementation process of the models will be written.

The aim of the project

The main aim of the project is the professionalization and development of the social enterprises’ potential in providing comprehensive services for people facing social exclusion through the identification, preparation, and pilot implementation of 5 models of social enterprises.

The models will be tested among 25 social enterprises. The project assumes that models will be used on a broad scale after the project completion by other enterprises.

We will prepare a new standard of the Social Economy Support Centre (OWES) in terms of the social enterprise support for models (their popularisation and implementation).

Duration time of the project: Project activities started in January 2019, and they will be finished in December 2021.