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Generator Dostępności

The project Incubator of Social Innovations – Availability Generator (Generator Dostępności) is implemented by the Association for Social Cooperatives in cooperation with The Regional Centre for Social Policy in Poznan within The Operational Program Knowledge Education Development.
About the project

The aim of the project is an effective support for the development of innovative solutions (i.e. micro-innovations) in the field of availability in the whole of Poland.
The key result of the project is the popularization and inclusion of a minimum of 4 innovative solutions in the main politics stream. Each of the emerging innovations will be prepared for the implementation in the further communities in Poland.
The project implemented within The Operational Program Knowledge Education Development by the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development. Priority axis: IV. Social innovations and transnational cooperation. Operation: 4.1 Social innovations

Project website

On the website, you will find all the necessary materials and information about the functioning of the Incubator. There is also the inspiration section where interesting projects and teaching materials are published.

Fan page “Social Innovators”

The fan page is not only the informative website about the activities of the Incubator and patronized initiatives but also the channel through which you can be inspired to new activities. The stories of inspiring people, the examples of original projects, and interesting facts about availability will be publicized there.


Tadeusz Mirski
Telephone: 61 887 11 66

Malwina Pokrywka
Telephone:  61 887 11 66