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Technology for the Training Innovation in the European Agri-food Cooperatives of the digital era. 
What is ToTCOOP+i Tech?
The starting point of this Project is the previous experience of partners implementing successfully the Erasmus+ ToTCOOP+i Project, which aimed to improve the quality of VET (Vocational education and training) offer in the EU cooperative sector due to the lack of knowledge, training, skills and/ or abilities of the members of the governing bodies in agri-food cooperatives.

Project Impact
The foreseen Impacts of the ToTCOOP+i Tech are to:
  • Provide the agri-food co-operative sector with new and innovative training contents and tools for fostering knowledge in farm management.
  • Improve and update pedagogical, methodological and procedural skills and technical knowledge of participating organization’s trainers, especially of organizations offering Vocational Educational Training (VET) contents to co-operatives.
  • Update the technological and pedagogical knowledge of trainers in participating organizations about the offer of new innovative training tools and resources available.
  • Increase the quality and accessibility of the VET offer in the agri-food co-operative sector.

Project Outcomes
  • 1 Infographic Handbook
  • 1 Handbook of Best Practices in Learning Innovation
  • 10 Video materials (1 video for Didactic Unit)
  • 1 serious game, with 50 boxes of knowledge activities (5 for Didactic Unit) (digital version)
  • 1 App for smartphone
  • 10 Gamification tools for training assessment (1 for Didactic Unit)
  • 1 open online digital platform adapted for using the technological training tools
  • 1 Transnational training session in Santiago (ES)
  • 1 Assessment of training results Report

The partnership, which is coordinated by ICOS (Irish Organization of Cooperatives) includes one leading VET provider (CHANGEMAKER), an IT company specialized in technology-based solutions for learning (GRIFO MULTIMEDIA), a cooperative providing technical consulting services MEDATLANTIA CONSULTORIA EUROPEA), associations of cooperatives AGACA (Galician Association of Agri-Food Cooperatives) and SNRSS (Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych), an organization providing consultancy and advisory services to rural entrepreneurs and cooperatives (LATVIAN RURAL ADVISORY AND TRAINING CENTRE).

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